Restaurant Loui

Restaurant Loui opened in the fall of 2020 in the beautiful surroundings of The Audo in Århusgade. As a brother to Restaurant Lola on Christianshavn, Loui has had the same good upbringing. That means Loui is a place that accommodates everyone. Both in the kitchen, on the floor and in the restaurant. In addition to cooking great food, Loui also works to change the industry from within by actively fighting for equality and against all forms of discrimination. Louis' exuberant warmth, The Audo's clean design and Nordhavnen's life by the water, is the perfect match and just the right setting for a wonderful meal.

Loui has sister - meet Lola

Lola lives in Lille Mølle on the ramparts of Christianshavns. The mill has been there since 1666, Lola has only been around since November 2019. Like Loui, Lola takes her social responsibility very seriously and this is reflected in the way we work and in the people we employ. At Lola, the multicultural cuisine is inspired by all the places in the world that our chefs have come from and worked in.

Part of something bigger

The social aspect of what we do is called Entrée. It is the cornerstone of everything we do and consists of two tracks. One deals with what we do internally in house to make sure we have a workplace we can keep working at for many years. The second deals with the projects we do with external partners. We hope that the way we work and communicate can help set a new standard for the entire industry.